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FEED ME ...♡
▸肉感 / 黑長直 / 各種風格
▸Release on the 6th&21st every month
▸NSFW/R18/uncensored ♥
▸Plump / Black long hair / Other styles
▸Let me be your pet♡


!! Every set will be reserved for two months. After two months, it is only available for single purchase. Please watch the rewards of the month as soon as possible!!
EAT ME...♡
▸包含《FEED ME ...♡》的所有獎勵
▸Including all rewards of 《Feed Me...♡》
▸Allows you to download HD photos from the cloud drive
▸An extra short uncensored video
▸Let you be my master ♡


!!The extra Video and Cloud drive link will update on 4th of every month, the rewards only saved for one month and will remove in next month, please download it ASAP!!